How to Implement U-Boot
Laying The U-BOOT Modules
  1. The entire surface of the slab to be cast on site is shuttered with wood deckings (or similar systems), then the lower reinforconcrete bars are positioned in two mutually perpendicular directions according to the design and the lattice for the upper reinforconcrete is arranged.
  2. The U-Boot Beton® formworks are positioned using the lateral spacers joints to place them at the desired centre distance that will determine the beam width. Thanks to the conic elevator foot, theU-Boot Beton®formworks will be lifted from the surface, making it possible for the lower slab to be formed. If double or triple elements are used, these elements must first be assembled, which will be supplied on distinct pallets in the yard.
  3. The positioning of the reinforconcretes is completed by placing above the U-Boot Beton® formwork the upper bars in the two directions as well as the reinforcement for shear and punching where necessary, according to the design.
  4. The concrete casting must be performed in two phases to prevent the floatation of the formworks: an initial layer will be cast to fill a thickness equal to the height of the elevator foot. Casting will continue for this first portion of the slab until the concrete starts to set and become semi fluid.
  5. Once suitably set, the casting can be restarted from the starting point, completely burying the U-Boot Beton®. The casting is then levelled and smoothed in a traditional manner.
  6. Once the structure has hardened, the formwork can be removed. The surface is smooth in correspondence of the soffit.